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 Puff Master3 Mod app Re-done

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Puff Master3


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PostSubject: Puff Master3 Mod app Re-done   Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:02 pm

In-Game Name: Puff Master3
Real Name: Chris McLaughlin.
How old are you? 15.
How long have you been playing the server? 3 days so far.
Why do you think you should be part of the Staff Team? I am a helpful person to everyone and i will do my best t enforce the server and players and get more palyers.
Does anyone think you deserve it? Yes shush and rogue Razz
Why do you think you deserve it? i am a helpful person that knows obeys and enforces all rules
Have you helped someone? yes i help every new player.
How long can you play each day? about maybe 5 hours give or take some.
Are you active on both forums and In-Game? yes im always on forums or ingame when i can.
Have you been staff on any other server, if yes what server? yes i have and too many to name.
Do you respect owners? Yes i love them (no homo Razz).
Have you broken any rules? no, and never will.
Do players like you? yes i help all the new ones alot and the ones that have played alittle while.
Tell us about yourself: I am a funny kind person, i love playing rsps's and dirtbiking and you dont wanna get on my bad side... especially in pvp!
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Puff Master3 Mod app Re-done
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